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The One-to-One Executive Coaching will include:

A)  An initial telephone Q and A session.

B)  Provision of a customized questionnaire to be completed by your IT Manager or similar, based upon insights from the initial session, which will be protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

C)  1 day of intensive coaching on a 1-to-1 basis tailored specifically for you the client, broken down into four 90 minute workshop sessions during the day.

D)  Coaching notes and 'cheat sheets' for future reference.

Briefings are always 'off-site' for the client to ensure both focus and confidentiality are maintained. Ancillary costs will be dependent upon location and schedule, but will normally be limited to room and facility hire. Payment for the session booking must be made against our Pro Forma invoice in advance of the coaching. Invoicing for ancillary costs will follow. The lead time for a session is normally of the order of 7 to 14 days following the completed questionnaire to allow us to create suitable session materials.

Please note: This service is designed to allow computer literate non-IT executives to gain a working knowledge of aspects of modern IT systems sufficient to enable them to make sound value judgments regarding planned or potential developments. It will not make you an IT guru in 6 hours, but it IS intensive. Be prepared to learn.

The charge for Executive Coaching is £2,500. This includes the Q&A, Questionnaire development, Course preparation, Delivery of customised Notes and 'Cheat sheets' and delivery of the Coaching sessions. In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to schedule the coaching over 2 separate half day sessions.


For short term Design and Consultancy activities, including Systems Design, Performance monitoring, Network Analysis and the like:

From £1,200 per day charged in half day increments.


For Installation and Implementation activities, including OS Upgrades, Systems Administration and Network cabling:

From £100 per hour or part thereof.


For Technical Writing, White Papers, Presentations and ad-hoc Training Activities:

Please request a Quotation.

K9 are happy to undertake longer term engagements and would be very pleased to quote you for any particular requirements associated with a project or role. Please get in touch to request a Quotation.