There are 3 facts which challenge many senior executives today.

Fact 1:   A large number of senior executives today have little or no formal training in IT.

Fact 2:   Any sizeable business today is heavily reliant on IT systems.

Fact 3:   The techies running your IT will 'always' want to buy the latest, shiniest bit of kit...

OK. The third fact may be a little apocryphal, but making judgement calls without a full appreciation of the issues surrounding the technology is fraught with risk.  We can help to mitigate that risk at a proportionally minimal cost.  We can do this in one or two ways, on a short or a long term basis.

On a short term interim basis, we can engage with your team and provide a concise, professional unbiased C-level brief highlighting the pros and cons of a specific project.  This enables the responsible parties, such as the board of directors or the management team, to make a reasoned risk reward assessment of the status of the project.

In the longer term we provide specific technology briefings for our clients highlighting the advances in technology which impact their business, and enable them to stay abreast of new developments in the world of IT.  As an example, you will almost certainly have heard of Cloud Computing... But what does it mean to your business?

If you think either option would be of benefit to your business then please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.