K9 Consulting is an independent IT Service company founded and managed by Nick Bunyan.  Having more than 30 years experience working in IT as a Consultant, Technical Specialist and Service Provider, added to almost 40 years of tinkering with PC and network hardware, he has a wide ranging skillset.  He has numerous IT Industry Training certifications under his belt, and has a select number of highly skilled associates, each of whom has demonstrated their own pedigree over the years, which allows K9 Consulting to offer a broad range of quality services.


Most things if the truth be told.  With experience in hardware and software installion and configuration, and a demonstrated ability to think 'out of the box', we can design, scope, manage and deliver IT solutions that are fit for purpose and appropriate to the context.  We also have the skills to pass on our knowledge in a focussed, relevant and timely manner.  It follows that these skills can also be put to good use in developing technical documentation and preparing training materials, both for internal and external use.